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Introduction to the Application and Operation Skills of the Double Cone Mixer

Double Cone Mixer

The double cone mixer is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in the industrial field. It can handle very hard materials, retaining the integrity of the materials, and the damage rate to the materials is very low, so its practical value is very high. The following is an introduction to the application and operation of the double cone mixer.

[Application And Form Of Double Cone Mixers]

Double cone mixer is suitable for mixing powder and powder, granule and powder, powder and a small amount of liquid. It’s widely used in chemical industry, dyestuff, pigment, pesticide, veterinary drug, medicine, plastic and additives and other industries. The machine has wide adaptability to mixtures, will not overheat heat-sensitive materials, can keep the integrity of particles as much as possible for granular materials, and has good adaptability to the mixing of coarse powder, fine powder, fiber or flake materials. According to users’ requirements, various special functions can be customized for the machine, such as heating, cooling, positive pressure, and vacuum.

A.Mixing: The standard double-cone mixer has two mixing helices, one long and one short. In practical applications, single (one long helix) and three (two short and one long symmetrically arranged) helices can also be used according to the size of the equipment.

B. Cooling & heating: To achieve cooling and heating function, various types of jackets can be added to the outside barrel of the double cone mixer, and cold and hot media is injected into the jacket to cool or heat the material; cooling is generally achieved by pumping in industrial water, and heating by adding steam or heat transfer oil.

C. Adding liquid and mixing: The liquid spray pipe is connected to the atomizing nozzle at the position of the middle shaft of the mixer to realize liquid adding and mixing; by selecting specific materials, acid and alkaline liquid materials can be added for powder-liquid mixing.

D. The pressure-resistant cylinder cover can be made into a head type, and the cylinder body is thickened to withstand positive or negative pressure. At the same time, it can reduce residues and facilitate cleaning. This setting is often used when the mixer cylinder is required to withstand pressure.

E. Feeding method: The double-cone mixer can be fed manually, by a vacuum feeder, or by a conveying machine. In a specific process, the barrel of the mixer can be made into a negative pressure chamber, and the dry material with good fluidity can be sucked into the mixing chamber for mixing by using a hose, which can avoid residue and pollution in the material feeding process.

F. Discharging method: Standard equipment generally adopts a quincunx stagger valve. This valve fits closely with the bottom of the long spiral, effectively reducing the mixing dead angle. The driving form is optional with manual and pneumatic; according to users’ needs, the machine can also adopt a butterfly valve, a ball valve, a star unloader, side discharger, etc.

[Instructions For The Use Of The Double Cone Mixer]

The double-cone mixer is composed of a horizontally rotating container and rotating vertical mixing blades. When the molding material is stirred, the container turns to the left and the blade turns to the right. Due to the effect of countercurrent, the movement directions of the particles of the molding material crosses with each other, and the chance of mutual contact increases. The extrusion force of the countercurrent mixer is small, the heating value is low, the mixing efficiency is high, and the mixing is relatively uniform.

Instructions For Use:

1. Connect the power supply correctly, open the cover, and check whether there are foreign objects in the machine chamber.

2. Turn on the machine and check whether it is normal and whether the direction of the mixing blade is correct. Only when the conditions are proper can the material be fed into machine.

3. The drying function is easy to use. Turn the switch on the control panel to the dry position, and set the required temperature on the temperature control meter (see the picture on the right). When the set temperature is reached, the machine will stop running. The meter is set for 5-30 minutes for the cycle start function to keep the raw materials completely dry.

4. Mixing/ color mixing function: Turn the switch on the control panel to the color mixing position, set the protection temperature of the raw material on the thermometer. When the raw material reaches the protection temperature within the color mixing time, the machine stops running and needs to be restarted.

5. Stop function: When it is necessary to stop in the middle of the operation, turn the switch to “STOP” or press the ‘OFF’ button.

6.Discharge: pull the discharge baffle, press the ‘jog’ button.

Hope that the above text can help you to have a better understanding of the application and operation method of the double cone mixer..

Post time: Nov-20-2022